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[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Specifics and Fancies: Documents Created Mostly for Enjoyment. By Taylor. Delphinium Guides. 210 pages. $14.95. No admirer of Tayloris dances must miss this slender grab bag of autobiographical essays ruminations, imaginary interests, skewed stories, light passage, and parodies. Private Website, in his 1987 memoir, the choreographer uncovered a literary feeling willing to cool role-playing and unique exaggeration. Taylor relishes these sounds here.

Your bravery saved the town.find the verbs inactive sentences.

He represents the curmudgeon exceptionally in “How to Inform Ballroom from Contemporary.” He claims that in “anything is done with stiff necks, closed joints and wrists that are limp,” ignoring to tell us that he was hired by Kirstein for New York Ballet. Taylor also needles exaggerated experts, actually people who like his dances (“Poggie in the Tranquil, by Cleave Yarns”), and ridicules know-nothing interviewers from the hinterlands who assume you to explain the meaning of your artwork in 25 phrases or less, on the deadline. While Taylor doffs his mask, he’s amazingly intelligent and deeply private about an artisan’s desires in “Why I Produce Dances” (“since it quickly frees me from handling the real world”). He establishes totally solicitous while instructing a dance to some of guys (“Two Bozos Noticed Through Glass: An Epiphany”) and turns totally soft, musing about his left puppy (“Our Dear Dogmatist”). Afew recycled nuggets from Exclusive Website incorporate Taylor’s graphic recounting of the signature Aureole, of his first attack. He confesses he didnot believe much of it, however the party world sure did.

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