Be Present

It is important for you to be focused and 100% present during your sales presentation. You must block out unwanted thoughts and put your other concerns of your life, family, and job out of your mind during the sales presentation. You need to be 100% focused to win the sale, […]

Be Precise

Precision builds confidence in your sales presentation. You must be accurate and precise throughout your presentation. Too many generalities and hedging and the prospect starts losing confidence in what you have to say. Your words are powerful tools to help you make the sale. Precision is essential! Be sure to […]

The “Mess to Success”

If you are speaking in the front-of-the-room, you’ll need to establish trust and rapport with your audience. Even though you are the expert and are on the stage speaking to the group, you need to seem approachable and just like everybody else. One way to do this is delivering your […]


Bonuses are powerful levers to get prospects to take action and buy today! People buy today because you give them a reason to buy today. Bonuses are effective tools to get people who are on the edge to buy your product or service. You can use one bonus or two […]

Feel, Felt, Found

The Feel, Felt, Found, technique is an effective one for handling objections. When someone gives you an objection, it is a feeling based on emotion. It may sound like a logical question, but underneath the question is an emotion, so you can answer the objection with this pattern: “I understand […]

Feel Part of the Group

Feeling part of the group with a sense of belonging is a very effective scripting technique. When people feel they are joining a group with certain characteristics, they feel better about joining it. This will often reduce fears of making a mistake and reduce the chances of buyer’s remorse. Feeling […]

Experiential Involvement

Getting people involved with your product or service is essential. You can tell people about your product or service all you want; however, when you get them further involved, they will take ownership of it. That’s why product demonstrations followed by the customer using the product is such a powerful […]

Exclusivity and Availability

Two very powerful scripting techniques are Exclusivity and Availability. If an offer is exclusive, it makes people feel special and is a very powerful motivator for people to buy. The sense of exclusivity can be more of a feeling in your presentation as well as an explicit statement of exclusivity. […]

True scarcity

True scarcity is a very effective sales technique because it gets people to take action. People want what they can’t have. It is simple human nature, and the potential for missing out can also get people to take action. Now the scarcity must be true. Artificial scarcity does not work […]

Don’t Ask Why

Many prospects do not know the reason why they do certain things; it may not even be conscious for them, so don’t ask them why question which potentially could make them embarrassed or frustrated. Asking why questions hurts the effectiveness of your sales presentation. Avoid them! Be sure to check-out […]