Daily Archives: January 9, 2016

Ask for the Order

It is essential that you always ask for the order! Many people will not “close themselves.” You must ask for the order. This is your job as a sales professional! Your job is to sell! The Girl Scouts sell millions of dollars worth of Girl Scout cookies every single year, […]

Artfully Vague Language

Politicians are masters of the Artfully Vague Language scripting technique. Artfully vague language allows the prospects to project what is most important to them on to the words that are being said. In some cases, the prospects may not know specifically what they want, but we want to elicit from […]

An Undeniable Truth

An undeniable truth is a statement that everyone can agree with. What this does is to start developing trust and rapport with your prospect. An undeniable truth is especially important in a cold calling type of situation because the person doesn’t know you at all. When you use an undeniable […]

The Alternative of Choice

The alternative of choice is a yes or yes choice. Whatever the prospect gives you for an answer is still a yes. This is one of the most powerful techniques to help guide the person to take action. You can use alternative of choice for setting up appointments; for example, […]


Today we’ll discuss the use of the Convincer script.   An important part of selling is influence. In today’s selling environment some prospects are skeptical about what a salesperson says. This is just a fact of selling.   A Convincer is a respected expert who’ll make your point for you. […]